Inclement Weather Update

The following is to help guide and assist you in the event of inclement weather, which could result in a closure, delay, or early release from school.  When making this decision we include a variety of knowledgeable resources including city, county, state officials, law enforcement, bus drivers, and other school resource personnel.  Closing school is a tough decision and our number one goal is the safety of our students and staff. 

We are a district that is built on tradition. One of those traditions is rarely missing school due to weather.  We pride ourselves in being an urban, community school in which our city streets are usually addressed first by road crews making travel for school traffic a priority. 


School Closing

When school is closed due to weather, it means school is closed all day for in-person instruction.  This often will include all games, after school events, practices, matches, meets, events, and facility rentals.



In the event of delays or closings we will work to make a decision before 6:00am and in most cases before 5:30am. School personnel will be on the roads around 4:00am checking roads to make sure a safe decision is made.  Notification will be sent to leadership and staff first, media outlets, and then students and families via Infinite Campus one call, email, text, and social media outlets.  We will only send out communication if we cancel or go on delay.  Otherwise, we will not communicate anything and it will be a normal day. 


In the event of an early release the same protocol for communication will be provided.


Virtual Option

It is a possibility that FIS may choose to go 100% virtual. If this occurs, we will operate on our 100% virtual schedule.  Please look for notifications through your child’s teacher for their individual virtual schedule. If you are in need of technology help please contact the district technology hotline. 

Panther Technology Hotline: (502) 229-8937

One-Hour Delay

When a one-hour delay occurs this means school will start one hour later from the normal start time. One-hour delays allow time for the roads to be cleared, for buildings to be properly heated, and F.I.S. facilities to have cleared parking lots and sidewalks. 

  • Early Learning Academy (childcare services) doors will open 8:15 am

  • Second Street doors will open at 8:30 am

  • FHS doors will open at 8:40 am


Two-Hour Delay

When a two-hour delay is called this means school will start two hours from the normal start time. Two-hour delays are treated just like one-hour delays but allow for more time to prepare buildings and facilities.

  • Early Learning Academy (childcare services) doors will open 9:15 am

  • Second Street doors will open at 9:30 am

  • FHS doors will open at 9:40 am

Attendance for Delays and Closures

When school is delayed or moved to virtual learning, students are still expected to participate. If a student is not present during a delay or does not participate in virtual learning, then they will be marked absent.  Exemptions of an absence in certain situations may be given through contact with the Director of Pupil Personnel.


Early Release

In some cases school may be in session and the need to release from school early may be required.  This may occur as early as 3 hours before dismissal.  All students will be served lunch in this situation.  In the event of an early release, due to inclement weather, all afternoon events will be canceled.  


Bobby J. Driskell

Bobby J. Driskell

Director of Pupil Personnel

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