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Extension Sign Up

Students and Parents, 
Extensions are the new name of our elective courses for 4th-8th grade. They are called extensions because they will "extend" learning from core content classes and engage students in learning through art, music, physical education, literacy, and more. On the first day of school, students will be presented with their extension options and sign up using this interactive link.

Summer Office Hours

Parents and Community Members, 
Second Street School is still experiencing construction due to our remodelling efforts. Right now our front desk is not operational and it is difficult for us to be reached by phone. We hope to have phone capabilities Wednesday, July 19th. Until then, we ask that you e-mail us for information. We still have time before school starts back to help with enrollment and other questions you have. We are glad to help and thank you for your patience during this time!
For questions about enrollment please contact our guidance counselors:
Lori Denton
Amy Young
All other questions can be directed to Principal Dr. Dewey Hensley or Assistant Principal Randy Adams 

More about Mastery Connect and Study Island

Mastery Connect Update:
I've had some great questions posed from parents about Mastery Connect particularly about grading. This video explains how students will be given a numerical grade in Infinite Campus to interact with Quarters 1,2, and 3 and determine whether a student met benchmarks to progress to the next grade level. It is important to note that we have not determined if we will use numerical grades for the 2017-2018 school year, but we did feel it was necessary while we pilot Mastery Connect this current school year. 
Study Island Update:
I also wanted to show you how our new Study Island tool can work with Mastery Connect to support a child's growth towards Mastery. Watch the video link to learn how you can log in with your child and support them in masterying a standard. 

Mastery Connect Parent Explanation

This is a very brief explanation of a new tool our school is using called Mastery Connect. This tool changes how we grade students and provide feedback to grow them to mastery. Mastery is when a student can independently demonsrate a skill/competency/academic standard and retain that ability over time.  That is our goal for students so they truly develop the skills that will make them lifelong learners. 
Parents that we have e-mail accounts for have been sent an activation link today from Mastery Connect allowing them to log in and see their child's progress anytime. Teachers will also be able to e-mail progress reports as well. The video below is a very brief explanation just to expose parents to this new tool. You can visit or look at masteryconnect videos on youtube to learn more.
Please view the video below by Mr. Adams!  

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