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Employee Spotlight: Namkyung Joh
Hello, everyone! My name is Namkyung Joh, and I am from Seoul, South Korea. I hope you all remember me – I introduced myself in the opening day. I studied International Office Administration and Korean Music at Ewha Womans University, and I am having my internship with Frankfort Independent Schools (FIS) with how educational systems are designed, and to explore my life.  
I started my internship with FIS in February 2018. It is unbelievable that Dr. Barber, Dr. Chi and the Frankfort school board members have trusted me and given me important assignments. I am grateful to God that I accepted so many challenges as great opportunities to grow myself. I would like to share three things that I am most grateful: 

1) I realized my passion area during the internship, which is helping kids find their passion area in K-12 system. The more I work/research deeply, the more I realize that it is hard for kids to find their passion area by themselves. Not only system or teachers, but also everyone who is related to students needs to put their effort. I would like to research more about this, and ultimately, I would like to see students being happy with their natural gifts and using them at work.

(2) I interviewed Frankfort community members at Kings Center to see what FIS needs to do to make better community. Honestly, I was afraid to do it when Dr. Barber asked me to interview them, because I am not a Native (who speaks English as their first language.) However, it became the first step to overcome the language barrier. I, sometimes, still have problems with communication in English, but I can say I am way more confident than when I came here first. Thank you, Dr. Barber!

(3) I collected, analyzed, and presented data for Profile of a Graduate (POG) project. It is necessary that students, parents, and teachers think about students’ future – they need the right guidance even in transition period from Second Street School to Frankfort High School. So, it is my honor to be a part of POG. It is still going on, and I will do my best to the end. 

I like Frankfort kids and I hope they could explore and find what they want in their lives. Even though my internship will end in February 2019, I would like to continue to develop my passion area with this community.   --Merry Christmas

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