Principal's Message

Cookie Dough Orders

The cookie dough orders from our recent fundraiser arrived late Wednesday. Yesterday several students and staff took care of organizing the orders and they are now ready for pick up beginning today at noon. Please make arrangements to visit the school office before 5pm today and pick up your cookie dough order and the order form so that distribution of the goods can begin.


The Executive Members of the newly formed PTSA met last night and discussed upcoming events as well as the plans for our next meeting that will take place on Thursday April 17th at 5:30pm in the Riverview Cafe'. I will forward the official minutes to you when they are distributed but I wanted to give you the big chunks of information that were highlighted from the conversation.

1. The group is on the look out for Vice President Nominees for Planning Programs and Ways and Means. In the next meaning the floor will be opened for members to nominate other members to fill these positions. A vote will be taken and the positions filled. Both of the positions directly impact efforts and children at SSS.

VP of Programs - Could be involved with but not limited to working with other members to coordinate and plan programs such as the Student Showcase to take place on May 1st at SSS, Fall Festival, etc...

VP of Ways and Means- This position will focus primarily on fundraising efforts for the PTSA. An example would be that the person who fills this position would be working with other members to have a kickoff fundraiser to increase membership and raise funds for specific school improvement efforts.

2. Letters will be distributed on Monday via your child to give you information about the upcoming meeting on April 17th at 5:30pm in the Riverview Cafe. If you are not a member we would love to have you attend. There is a membership fee of $3.60 that can be paid that evening. Members receive a membership card with discounts at staples and the ultimate discount is that you will be directly connected to the organization that is working to be a regular part of the educational program at SSS. There is no downside with PTSA its only positive. Please come out and join.

3. The group discussed how the PTSA can be helpful during the Student Showcase and SBDMC parent elections to take place May 1st at SSS. Members will coordinate to help staff with the Data Dinner efforts and also the staff "late snack". Members of the PTSA will work with Youth Service Center Coordinator Jill Sutton to distribute information with regards to SBDMC Parent Elections, balloting dates, times and locations.     

Proactive 5K Packets

Practive 5K training began this past Wednesday. Information about the race and training days is still available at the school office. Next week's training days will be Thursday and Friday. We had 30 students this past week. We want to continue to grow that number each training date. Students ran just over a mile on Wednesday. Students will continue to work each week closer and closer to the final goal of the 3.2 miles to be completed on May 9th at the Proactive 5K. Last year 55 SSS students completed the 3.2 miles.


Student Showcase May 1st

Please put this date on your calendar as a date to have lunch with your child at SSS and listen to them discuss their progress with you. Students are currently working on personal mission statements, autobiographies, and data charts that track their personal and academic progress. These and other items will be presented to you, the parent, by them, the student on May 1st. We are working with students to become young leaders and have them better understand their own individual accountability within their efforts to be successful. This will be a culminating event for them and a very satisfying event for you. Please make plans to be at SSS that day. Be on the look out for specific times and arrangements to follow in the coming weeks. The general times are grades K-8 1pm-4pm to 2nd grade 5:30pm-6:30pm.   


Congratulations goes out to TT Barnett and Gage Hill for being selected Student Athletes of the Week. As well kuddos to the girls softball team for their victory over Berea on Wednesday, and to boys and girls soccer teams for their victories over Carroll County on Thursday.