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4th Grade Archery Groups / Rules

Dear Parents;

Due to the large number of students that have shown interested in archery on Mondays, I am informing you that I will be dividing them into two groups which will meet every other week. This will allow your child to have more participating time and less waiting. This will also allow me to work with your child more to teach them the proper and safe usage of the archery equipment. Starting Monday February 24th you will need to be aware of the group I have placed you child into and only send them on their group’s weeks.


Whistle Signals: NASP® whistle commands will be used to operate the range.

- 5+ whistles for an emergency

- 2 whistles to 'get bow'

- 1 whistle to 'shoot'

- 3 whistles to 'go get arrows'

Arrow Handling and Movement About the Range: NASP® safety rules must be followed.

- Archers must walk when moving about the range.

-Archers must have one foot on each side of the shooting line with 'bows on toes' before shooting begins.

-The tournament-provided arrow quiver must be placed ON the shooting line in FRONT of the archer.

- Shooter and quiver must remain in their half of the assigned lane when on the shooting


- Archers must remain standing upright on their feet when at the targets pulling arrows.

- While both archers may approach the target when scoring, only one archer may remain at the targets when arrows are pulled. The other archer must be safely behind the target line while arrows are being pulled.

- Arrow points must be covered with one hand and shafts grasped below the vanes with the other hand when carrying arrows.


5th - 8th Grade Archery
Melinda Sluss
(502) 875 - 8658

4th Grade Archery Club
Stacy Riddle
(502) 875 - 8658